The European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) is a network of European independent think tanks working on EU international cooperation for global sustainable development.

Our members:

These six institutes can count between them on some 400 researchers, covering all aspects of international development and humanitarian policy. They share a strong commitment to higher global welfare, and a strong belief in the importance of better collective action to achieve global goals. As think-tanks, and as policy-focused research institutes, they also share a commitment to effective outreach and engagement with policy-makers and policy processes.

ETTG mission

The members of the ETTG recognise the importance of the EU as a global player, in relation to developing countries and more widely. They see the role of the EU as encompassing the widest possible range of activity: from foreign and security policy, to trade, investment, migration, climate policy, and development and humanitarian aid. They see that there are inevitable links between the internal and external policies of the EU.

The member Institutes of the ETTG are independent in all respects. All work in different ways on EU development policy (using the term in its broadest sense). They work together in order to pool expertise, deepen analysis, improve communication, and maximise engagement with policy actors in Member States and EU institutions.

The core values of the ETTG include a commitment to: high quality, independent
research; effective, independent communication of research results; and non-partisan engagement in policy debate. The ETTG takes no political positions and is independent of all political groups.

The ETTG was formed in 2010, building on long-standing cooperation between the then members.