ODI event: Mobilising action and finance towards global vaccination

ODI online event: Mobilising action and finance towards global vaccination

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– Ashok Malik

Panellist – Policy Advisor, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

– Jeremy Konyndyk

Panellist – Executive Director, COVID-19 Task Force, USAID

– Marie-Ange Saraka-Yao

Panellist – Managing Director of Resource Mobilisation, Private Sector Partnerships and Innovative Finance, GAVI

– Sara Pantuliano

Chair – Chief Executive, ODI


The success of the G7 summit will be judged primarily on whether concrete measures are agreed to accelerate the global response to the pandemic.

While infection rates soar, and vaccine access remains highly unequal, there has perhaps never been a public policy challenge where national and international interests are so closely aligned. We know that no one is safe until everyone is safe, but COVAX will only cover around 30% of eligible populations in low- and middle-income countries with its current financing of $9.6 billion.

In light of recent developments in India, a major vaccine exporter in the midst of a devastating third wave, it is clear that critical barriers remain. What do countries battling the virus and struggling to vaccinate their people need? How should G7 leaders rise to the global vaccine challenge?

In this webinar we will explore these key questions with government and international decision-makers.


This is an ODI event and first appeared on the ODI site here

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