Fabrizio Botti

Fabrizio Botti is Senior Fellow in the field of International Political Economy at Istituto Affari
Internazionali (IAI). He is Assistant Professor at “Guglielmo Marconi” University and Core Member
of “Minerva – Laboratory on Gender Diversity and Gender Inequality” at “Sapienza” University of
Rome. He is member of the Editorial Committee of The International Spectator and referee of
international journals.
Fabrizio is currently Co-Chair of the T7 Work Stream “Trade and GVCs” under the German Presidency
of the G7. In 2021, he has been Coordinator of the T20 Italy TF “Trade, Investment and Growth”.
He has been member of different research projects and collaborates with Universities,
Government bodies, European and International institutions. He is author of several publications
in the following fields of research: development and international economics; poverty, social and
financial exclusion; discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.