2019 European Aid Quiz

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So you think you know about EU aid: Take the New Year Quiz!

All the questions below are based on data in the OECD/DAC Peer Review of European Union aid, published in December 2018 (see here). The figures refer mostly to 2015/16, unless otherwise stated. The questions refer to official development assistance (ODA) channelled through EU institutions, rather than Member States.

  1. How many countries receive aid from the EU? Is it (a) 44, (b) 94, or (c) 144?
  2. How much aid did the EU provide in 2017? Was it (a) €5bn, (b) €10bn, or (c) €15bn?
  3. Which country received the most aid from the EU? Was it (a) Ethiopia, (b) Turkey, or (c) India?
  4. Which of these countries is NOT among the top 10 recipients of EU aid? (a) Bosnia, (b) Serbia, or (c) Morocco?
  5. What share of EU ODA is spent in Sub-Saharan Africa? Is it (a) 26%, (b) 46%, or (c) 66%?
  6. What share of EU ODA was disbursed by the European Investment Bank in 2015/16? Was it (a) 7%, (b) 17% or (c) 27%?
  7. The EU has set a minimum target of 20% for spending on human development (health, education, social protection). What is the current level? Is it (a) 11%, (b) 21%, or (c) 31%?
  8. The EU has a target to spend 20% of aid on climate change mitigation and adaption. Is the current figure (a) 12%, (b) 22% or (c) 32%?
  9. What share of EU aid is spent through multilateral organisations, either as core contributions or otherwise? Is it (a) 4%, (b) 14% or (c) 24%?
  10. What share of EU allocable bilateral aid is spent in Upper Middle-Income Countries? Is it (a) 33%, (b) 43%, or (c) 53%? (Hint: the DAC average (including the EU) is 26%).
  11. What share of EU allocable bilateral aid is spent in Least Developed Countries? Is it (a) 27%, (b) 37% or (c) 47%? (Hint: the DAC average (including the EU) is 37%).
  12. What share of EU ODA is spent as budget support (rather than projects)? Is it (a) 5%, (b) 15%, or (c) 25%? (Hint: the DAC average (including the EU) is 2%).
  13. The EU is an enthusiast for joint programming with other donors. In how many countries is this underway? Is it (a) 26, (b) 56, or (c) 86?
  14. What share of EU aid is spent on humanitarian emergencies? Is it (a) 10%, (b) 20%, or (c) 30%?
  15. What share of EU development and humanitarian aid is spent through NGOs? Is it (a) 11%, (b) 21% or (c) 31%?
  16. The EU is one of many funders of the World Food Programme. Is it (a) the 2nd largest donor, (b) the 12th largest, or (c) the 20th largest?
  17. The EU is committed to the untying of aid. What share of EU aid is untied? Is it (a) 52%, (b) 72% or (c) 92%?
  18. In 2012, 4000 people worked for the aid administration, DEVCO. In 2018, was it (a) 3000, (b) 4000 or (c) 5000?
  19. In 2012, 600 people worked in the administration of humanitarian aid (ECHO). In 2018, was it (a) 400, (b) 600 or (c) 800?
  20. What share of EU aid is spent on refugees in Europe? Is it (a) 0%, (b) 15%, (c) 25%? (Hint: the DAC average (including the EU) is 10%).

You can find the correct answers and then your score here. Please, take the quiz and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Håkan Dahlström via Flickr.

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