Tancrede Voitouriez

Tancrede is the Director of the Governance Programme at IDDRI. Following his PhD in economics on the instability of commodity markets, Tancrède Voituriez joined IDDRI in 2005 to develop research activities on the effects of globalization on sustainable development. On this subject, and as director of IDDRI’s Governance programme, he coordinates projects for the European Commission, the European Parliament and the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment, among others. Since 2010 his work has focused on the conditions for implementing public policies for sustainable development, which today unfolds in two directions. The first is that of the governance of the post-2015 development agenda and the reforms that this agenda imply in terms of development funding. The second is that of the race for green technologies, or the “green race” between the OECD and emerging countries. In coordination with the New Prosperity programme, his research aims to identify the conditions of production and deployment of low-carbon innovations in globalized economies.