Brexit and EU development cooperation

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Brexit will have far-reaching consequences for the UK, the EU and developing countries. There are opportunities, but also major challenges and risks. Whether the UK remains such a high-profile donor without the multiplier effect of the EU is difficult to predict. Nevertheless, what is clear is that the UK will lose its influence over EU development policy as well as over member states’ development policies. With Brexit looming, the UK government issued a series of papers putting forward policy options for the future UK-EU relationship. The paper on foreign policy, defence and development cooperation was published in September 2017.

 Mikaela Gavas, Head of Development Strategy & Finance at the Overseas Development Institute, responded to the paper, highlighting that the UK government’s future partnership paper on foreign policy, defence and development provides little clarity on what UK–EU relations in development cooperation will actually look like and drawing attention to the fact that the paper fails to recognise that, faced with global challenges, the EU offers the best environment to protect and boost common interests. She puts forward a case for a strong UK-EU partnership on international development; one that includes working together to promote peace, security and sustainable development.

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