DEVCO – ETTG/DIE web Infopoint event: Humanitarian-Development- Peace Nexus

DEVCO Infopoint web conference event with ETTG / DIE: Humanitarian-Development- Peace Nexus

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On 6 of October a discussion event on implementation challenges and opportunities of the HDP nexus took place online via WEBEX platform. The event was hosted by DG DEVCO and Unit B2 – Resilience, Fragility in cooperation with European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) researchers, European Institutions and with representatives from civil society. 

During the event the ETTG Policy Brief “EU humanitarian aid: Caught between nexus and independence” was presented by the leading author of the publication Ms Ina Friesen ( DIE researcher) who represented  the ETTG Network. The publication was published few months ago and was analysing current issues in the EU’s humanitarian aid with a particular focus on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) nexus. In the discussion which followed, representatives from DG DEVCO, DG ECHO and the EEAS took part and gave their perspectives. 

This Infopoint session aimed at discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of the HDP nexus, including how to best adapt institutional cultures, how to ensure a localized approach, and how to best integrate the peace element.

During the last part of the session, the audience will have the chance to ask questions and send comments to the speakers.

Panel discussion with:

  • Mr Mario Ronconi, Head of Unit, DEVCO Unit B2 – Resilience, Fragility (introduction)
  • Ms Ina Friesen, Researcher, DIE (lead author of ETTG Policy brief)
  • Ms Inge Brees, Senior EU Advocacy officer, CARE International
  • Mr Predrag Avramović, advisor to Director of Directorate C, DG ECHO
  • Mr Michele Cervone (Head of Division,  EEAS Global 5) and Ms Aziza Taourirt (Policy Officer, EEAS Global 5)

– Language of the conference: English

For the recorded session please click here. 

Recorded video

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