European Think Tanks Group: A network fit for the future (video)

European Think Tanks Group: A network fit for the future

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In this video we present you our network of think tanks and we introduce you to the ETTG world. By joining  forces we are convinced that we can better influence the EU’s international cooperation agendas and work for a more sustainable future together. 


A note from our Director:

ETTG was established 10 years ago as a collective initiative by leading European think tanks in the field of sustainable development and the EU international cooperation and external action. Our aim is to play an important role in influencing the ambitious Global Goals and Europe-Africa agendas. 

The ETTG members are leading independent European think tanks. Together, by joining forces, we are convinced that we can have a stronger impact on the EU’s foreign policy and international cooperation agendas with a particular focus on the Europe-Africa partnership.

Today we stand together with 6 member institutes ready to face future challenges. The recent global pandemic reminded us of the major need and urgency to strengthen alliances and to undertake collective action: The network is greater than the sum of its parts! 

The EU policy making world has an interest to build on the collective commitment and involvement of all its major players. Thinks tanks are just one category of crucial players but their role is becoming increasingly important in an increasingly complex international environment. We look forward to building alliances with all relevant partners, globally, in Europe and Africa who are willing to invest in the realisation of these ambitious agendas.

We think of ourselves as a concrete example of the Team Europe philosophy: leading European policy research institutes in key EU member states working together towards a joint European vision on international cooperation.” 

Geert Laporte
Director, European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)


Image courtesy of Nicolas Buffler via Flickr.

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