ODIBites: Africa beyond Covid-19

A continuation of previous discussion – ODI Bites: Africa beyond Covid-19

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As a continuation of our previous discussion on ‘Africa beyond Covid-19’ (an event which was organised within the ETTG framework activities) ODI further explored what new approaches and enhanced forms of collaboration will need to be built between Africa, Europe and beyond.



Carlos Lopes @LopesInsights – African Union High Representative for Partnerships with Europe

Marta Foresti @martaforesti – Director, ODI Europe


Early signs from Africa are that in many countries, the response to Covid-19 has been effective. But contrary to commonplace narratives about aiding Africa, recent events highlight opportunities for Europe and elsewhere to learn from Africa. Beyond the immediate response to the pandemic, countries across Africa will face considerable challenges in the recovery, with a need to finance weakened economies and adapt existing approaches to trade, labour markets and social protection.



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