The Role of the G7 in Promoting North-South Cooperation

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In 2024, Italy is set to assume the rotating Presidency of the G7. In the face of a complex geopolitical landscape and persistent crises that show no signs of abating, the question arises: How will the seven largest democracies come together to devise effective strategies? Furthermore, how will Italy navigate the challenging circumstances to shape the agenda?

Following the 2023 Summit, the event moderated by ETTG’s coordinator – Daniele Fattibene, presents an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the current state of G7 initiatives and their future trajectory under Italy’s leadership.

Moreover, it serves as a platform for international development practitioners to exchange perspectives on how the G7 can drive progress and facilitate alignment between donors and recipients, particularly addressing the pressing challenges that impact the global South the most.

Commentary by Daniele Fattibene & Irene Paviotti available here 

Organized by Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

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