Walking the talk: Leveraging the Green Deal to boost climate ambition through EU external action

Walking the talk: Leveraging the Green Deal to boost climate ambition through EU external action

As a follow up to the ETTG Policy Brief “Harnessing EU external cooperation to boost ambitious and coherent climate action” and one month before the ETTG roundtable event ’How to walk the Green Deal talk in EU external cooperation? Harnessing development cooperation to foster European climate leadership‘ (18th March in Brussels) the DIE researchers from Steffen Bauer and Gabriela Iacobuta are putting together the pieces of the “Green Deal” puzzle in our new ETTG blog.

EU Budget negotiations: the ‘frugal five’ and development policy

In December 2018, the ETTG published a paper comparing emerging Member State positions for the financing of the EU’s external action under its next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), covering the period 2021-2027. Its first observation that negotiations are moving slowly unfortunately still holds today. 

ETTG publication

Presentation of the ETTG Agenda for Europe in the world: an animated debate

Put together the European Commission, European Parliament, African Embassies, the Overseas Development Institute and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles and you will get a very animated debate – like the one European Think Tanks Group organised in Brussels on the 31st of October. 

European financial architecture for development

The Wise Persons Group’s Verdict: Opportunities and challenges to restructuring the European Financial architecture

The Council of the European Union – on proposition of France and Germany – mandated a Wise Persons Group (WPG) to assess options for a more efficient and sustainable European financial architecture for development. The group published its final report this Tuesday, in which it presents three scenarios for a future European Climate and Sustainable Development Bank. Lennart Kaplan and Benedikt Erforth (DIE) are analyzing and giving a brief blog based on the Wise Persons Group report.