Turning the tables: African and European narratives in the time of Corona

Turning the tables: African and European narratives in the time of Corona

Most of Europe is in lockdown, trying to cope with the huge implications of the battle against the novel coronavirus. Africans are following what is happening on the other side of the Mediterranean with relief that Africa is not currently the epicentre of the crisis, but also with a troubled gaze.

Financing human development and the ending of extreme poverty in Africa

This briefing note from Marcus Manuel (ODI) and Stephanie Manea (ODI) draws on previous ODI research to examine how the EU could play a more effective role in ending extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by better targeting support for human development in the poorest countries.

The controversial effects of villagization in Ethiopia and the role of the EU in Africa’s urbanization

Vittorio Capici stresses the importance of urbanization and the implications this process brings with itself. In this blog the author picks Ethiopia and the ‘Villagization program’ as a case study to further his analysis.

Philanthropy and Africa’s demographic growth: Finding allies to support the potential of young people

Emmanuel de Groof and Sanne Thijssen suggest that political leaders can find allies in philanthropists – and vice versa – to open the dialogue on family planning and to drive the potential of African youth. Population growth is in itself not a problem; however, it can become one when a country’s economy and infrastructure do not follow suit.