Power Shifts and the Risk of a "Crisis Within the Crisis": COVID, Oil and the MENA Region

Power Shifts and the Risk of a “Crisis Within the Crisis”: COVID, Oil and the MENA Region

COVID-19 triggered a collapse in oil prices from approximately 60 to 20 dollars per barrel between January and April 2020. Signs of a rebound are visible but prices remain well below the breakeven for many producers. If prices stay this low for long, or if they fall again after a partial rally in a relapse scenario, the world may witness a crisis within the crisis, with even further adverse effects on the world economy.

COVID-19 Exposes Italy's Vulnerability to US-China Antagonism

COVID-19 Exposes Italy’s Vulnerability to US-China Antagonism

Both the US and China seem to see the COVID-19 crisis through the lenses of geopolitical competition. A desire to repair its international reputation and gain influence underlies China’s offer of medical equipment and sanitary know-how to countries hit by the contagion – the so-called “mask diplomacy”